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                            VEGETABLE BED


Your Own Vegetable Bed in Under An Hour!

Follow our simple instructions below to create you own vegetable bed.
Kit includes:

  • 2 No. 2.4 x 200 x 100 sleepers
  • 2 No. 1.2 x 200 x 100 sleepers
  • 8 No. 450mm stakes
  • 16 nails
  • 1 m³ vegetable grade topsoil

Sleepers also available in Longer Lasting Larch


1. Order your vegetable bed kit from Clonee Sawmills.

2. Once you have decided on where to put
your vegetable bed, loosely place the sleepers
in the area.

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3. Using a spade, mark the inside of the bed areas. Then remove the sod. This helps prevent grass from growing, reducing weeding.


4. Squaring your bed:
Using a measuring tape, take a reading from out side corner to out side corner of your bed. Repeat on other diagonal.
Manoeuvre the sleepers until both measurements are the same.

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5. Using a lump hammer and protective gloves and goggles, loosely tap into place your support stakes
- 450mm from each end on the long side.
- 300mm from each end on the short side.
Move the sleepers back a small distance.
Using the lump hammer drive your support stake into the ground.
Try to get the stake 35/50mm below the top of the sleeper.

6. Fix supports/stakes to sleepers.
Using a hammer and protective gloves and goggles, put your sleepers back in place. Tap the stakes with the hammer to straighten if required.
Using the nails supplied, firmly fix the stakes to the sleepers.
Tip : Leave one end undone so you can dump in the majority of the topsoil.

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7. Fill the area with vegetable grade topsoil provided.
Tip : Over fill the fixed end of your vegetable bed with topsoil until you have almost emptied the full bag into the one end.

8. Now fix the last sleeper into place.
With all 4 sides fixed into place spread out the topsoil evenly around the area.
Your vegetable bed is now ready for planting.

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